Into Outside

Into Outside
IntoOutside connects youth to the outdoors

Into Outside connects youth to the outdoors through online and social media.

INTO OUTSIDE’s project goals are to eliminate barriers to young people connecting them with the outdoors by introducing them to the park’s natural wonders through emerging and social media. We also seek to provide the technology vehicles for partners to reach their community and provide online forums for facilitating feedback.Visit the Into Outside Online Platform

INTO OUTSIDE addresses key issues.

  • Provide urgently needed tools and resources for youth to learn about and explore wild places
  • Offers culturally relevant programming in multiple languages
  • Addresses cultural interpretations regarding safety risks from being outdoors
  • Improves availability of viable open space
  • Extends programming and outreach to a broader range of youth
  • Provides  youth  community a voice through online, social and mobile media
  • Enables people everywhere to explore the wonder and beauty of the outside with digestible interpretation
  • Provides a mobile tool to empower a park visitor with more information
  • Inspires youth and their community to visit and protect wilderness areas
Into Outside serves ARC Program Youth

Into Outside serves ARC youth participants.


Goals ~

  • Develop a mobile application with the youth voice
  • Profile YLP and ARC student projects from 2011 to showcase the program
  • Complete video documentary to help communicate the ARC and YLP programs
  • To reach youth in other innovative ways such as gaming, and mobile exhibitions
  • Provide video and photography on Breaking Barriers, ARC, and YLP to programs and support the integration of media into different social platforms such as Youtube, Flickr and the site
  • Extend Into Outside Online platform to multiple organizations engaging youth in the outdoors
  • Provide social media support for all the above

Past, since 2011

Goals Achieved ~

  • Developed online and mobile platform with fully integrated social media tools.
  • Provided solutions to Breaking Barriers program, ARC (UC Berkeley), YLP (UC Merced) and WildLink (NatureBridge)
  • Developed digital media (video, photography, online, gaming and social media) around different organizations
  • Created music video to inspire other youth to engage in outdoor activity using a format they can relate to. This video is also serving the partner organization Adventure Risk Challenge in their fundraising activities and inspiring new candidates for their program.
  • Created an online magazine of photography of youth engaging in outdoor activity to inspire other youth and share the experiences.
  • Design charrette with students on online, mobile and gaming initiatives prior to development

Needs Met~  Creating awareness and ownership among youth is vital to National Parks and other public lands’ long-term sustainability. Youth are the access point to reach these underserved communities.

Participants include Breaking Barriers Program who we are supporting information sharing around the community events, access information to outdoor areas, sharing stories, as well as profiling UC Merced’s Yosemite  Leadership Program (YLP) and the Adventure Risk Challenge Program through videos, photos and personal experiences.


Into Outside online platform is being used by Breaking Barriers to provide the necessary emerging media component to engage students virtual and via mobile technology.

Into Outside is being designed to support ventures that eliminate frequently-cited barriers to connecting young people with the outdoors. Into Outside affords an exceptional opportunity to affect deep and lasting social change with these partnerships.


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