About Us

Protea © Amy Seidman, Incredible Places

Protea © Amy Seidman, Incredible Places

Creative Entity Org’s mission is to use interactive media to educate, inspire, connect, and create community around nature and culture – pushing the envelope of creativity and technology for the common good.  Our area of focus is emerging media and serve programs relating to art, culture, education, the environment and anthropology.  Our programs support NGOs, disenfranchised groups to voice their interests and concerns, preserve cultural heritage, encourage community and inspire stewardship.  Our nature and culture programs are under the banner of  Incredible Places, and youth under Into Outside.

Creative Entity Org  accesses Creative Entity Productions  resources, are a social venture developing entertainment media, to reach broader markets and develop professional quality programming. Creative Entity Productions creates games, online content, films, and other digital media for entertainment and commercial production.

Creative Entity Org is fiscally sponsored by  Inquiring Systems, Inc., a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation..

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