Meet The Composer

Creative Entity created an event around music and art as well as a discussion prior to the event. Amy Seidman’s photography exhibit In Response To That is currently hanging at the Green Zebra Environmental Action Center, a space in San Francisco’s Crocker Galleria off Sutter and Montgomery downtown.

We held a reception after the discussion which included a musical improv performance mixed with composed pieces. The week before, she and other musicians created new music based on the Instrument of the Forest concept. Amy’s role was to create, produce an experience, present art, compose, and perform. The engagement included a fusion of media, music, art, concepts and execution.

In building relationships and audience, we sent the invitation to a number of local schools which has networked us with Expression Center and several students who came to the Salon /discussion.

The most effective outreach for this engagement was to invite schools in the area to join us. Schools have lots of interested students and faculty following the latest trends. This also provided the opportunity for us to possibly mentor several students in future projects.

Free Salon, Reception, Music

Join us Wednesday April 21 to kick off Earth Day in a celebration of life featuring a reception for IN RESPONSE TO THAT photography exhibit. Before the reception is a talk with Amy Seidman in a salon as part of Meet the Composer, awarded by the New York Counsel for the Arts, for students and culture enthusiasts. See below for more details.
Enjoy friends, meaningful conversation, photography, cocktails, and music.

The Green Zebra Environmental Action Center 
Crocker Galleria
50 Post Street (between Montgomery and Kearny)
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 346-2361
1. Meet the Composer Salon – 5:00 pm
2. Photography Exhibit Reception – 6:30 – 9:00 pm
3. Music – around 8:00 pm
Multimedia artist, photographer and musician, Amy Seidman, will be discussing the intersection of music, digital media and technology to inspire people around nature and culture.

Following the salon is music (see below) as part of the a reception for IN RESPONSE TO THAT exhibit . Amy Seidman presents a photographic time capsule of The Great LA Clean Up, the grass roots response to the LA Riots in 1993.

During the Great LA Clean Up, hundreds of non-profit groups and thousands of volunteers engaged in community activism such as tree plantings and coastal clean ups. These images serve as inspiration for us to find solutions to the challenges we currently face. Circumstances brought out the best in people to shift their environment, and reveal the potential of the human spirit to make positive changes in our world. Together, we can make it happen.

The evening’s celebration concludes with a unique performance of songs inspired by Nature featuring instruments of the forest. This is an acoustic set with improvised works mixed with songs. Appearing in AmesEla are Amy Seidman (voice, percussion), Eah Herren (harp), Daniel Alvarenga Flores (guitar), Hugh Jackson(cello), Temomo Mane (bolom batoo), Jud Schwartz (percussion), and. This event is part of AmesEla’s “100th Monkey Tour” to experiment with cultural mash ups and merging multiple disciplines.

Come enjoy friends, meaningful conversation, photography, cocktails and music. This event is FREE, and we are accepting donations for The Encanto Project, a film and education project around sustainability practices in Costa Rica.

Many thanks to MetLife and the New York Counsel For the Arts for the recognition and support..

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