Into Outside Website & Program Launches

IntoOutside connects youth to the outdoorsInto Outside connects young people with the outdoors by introducing them to the wonder of nature through emerging and social media.

 The beta online platform was launched fall of 2011, and has being developed in partnership with Breaking Barriers, a National Park Service Collaborative, to provide necessary emerging media tools. This includes: ARC, a UC Berkeley & Merced ProgramYLP,  a UC Merced Program, with Yosemite National Park’s Education Program, and WildLink, a NatureBridge Program.

 We are using these digital media tools to engage students and the surrounding communities. Our next step is to expand into mobile technology with our partner HearPlanet.

Download the One Sheet here

Download the full program document here. 

Into Outside is being designed to support ventures that eliminate frequently-cited barriers to young people getting outdoors. Into Outside affords an exceptional opportunity to affect deep and lasting social change with these partnerships.

 We also seek to provide the technology vehicles for partners to reach their community and provide online forums for facilitating feedback.

Current status

Into Outside launched with our website, have released a music videos. Our goal is to extend site nationally, create a mobile app (partnership platform is in place), game (in development) and a festival exhibition tour for 2013 with Sustainable Living Roadshow.

Our goals include:

  • Internet site: upgrade technology then extend to others state by state with expanded technology and easy-to-use automation
  • In school: mentoring arts & technology program – ongoing currently in California, LA partnership with Gamedesk and ATT portal
  • Media develop
  • Mobile App – Goal: Yosemite, then California, then Pacific NW, then National
  • The PPT Youth Mobile Application is available upon request
  • Games
  • Develop specific content with partnerships in place, presentation available upon request.
  • Festival mobile exhibition tour – take it on the road with partners and reach hundreds of thousands of youth

Upcoming content: Teen and youth leader stories, as part of Breaking Barriers National Park Service Collaborative and other organization engagements to get youth outside! We have videos to make, online stories to tell, mobile apps and games to build!   Join us!

Into Outside is a non-profit project of Creative Entity Org /  ISI 501.c3  Presented by Incredible Places.


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