Paradox of Disconnecting to Reconnect

The following is a presentation by Amy Seidman about the program and the paradox of connecting youth to the outdoors using digital media and technology.

Products & Academic Analysis

This analysis is a culmination of exploration of digital media as a solution for interpretation and scientific visualization over several decades.  Amy Seidman’s circuitous path has provided a unique understanding of the needs and challenges at the intersection of digital media and technology.

Specific works related to interpretation have been:

  • Documentation of natural places and species for educational, journalism and scientific purposes
  • Design and case study called House of the Sun with Haleakala National Park to create interpretive media
  • Advisor to the Pacific North West Technology Committee of the NPS
  • Founder of to advise NPS on media and technology solutions to communicate interpretive themes.
  • Scientific visualization fellow at the Sierra Nevada Research Institute in Yosemite, ARC, YLP and others as part of a National Park Service collaborative to connect underserved youth to the outdoors called Breaking Barriers

Amy’s background has been an internationally published photographer, and an interactive multimedia artist. Her work has appeared in magazines like Outdoor Photographer, Natural History,Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone and Runners World. Her clients in interactive have included Fox, MGM, Disney, Lotus, PacBell, the National Park Service. Her video has appeared on Comcast VOD, and her museum exhibitions have included United Nations World Environment Day in San Francisco.

Amy continues to explore new places and think of ways to use digital media and technology relationships to tell the fundamental stories that connect us to our source, the natural world which is what led to Into Outside.


Connecting youth to the outdoors using digital media and technology. 

Into Outside connects youth to the outdoors with community partner engagements, inspiration, and information. A multi platform engagement via online, mobile, gaming, Into Outside launched a pilot program in Central California with videos and stories by youth about their wilderness experiences.


Getting youth into the outside is critical. Using wilderness to empower and motivate them to go to college and transition into community leaders is critical for the survival of our parks. Developed in partnership with Breaking Barriers, a National Park Service collaborative, connecting youth is identified as one of the most important issues of our times.


Into Outside launched a successful pilot program in Central California, with an online presence, videos and stories by youth of their experiences in the wilderness.  These experiences provide leadership skills and the fundamental experiences of being in the wilderness. Into Outside uses technology, arts and creative writing training, to inspire and connect future stewards of our national parks.


Breaking Barriers, a National Park Service collaborative includes outdoor youth organizations ARC, a UC Berkeley Program, Yosemite Youth Leadership of UC Merced and Yosemite National Park, other divisions of Yosemite, WildLink of NatureBridge, Stewardship Council, and others.  These programs work together to provide critical experiences to youth in wilderness areas, while Into Outside provide the technical digital media components to connect them in the online and virtual space.

Connecting youth to the wilderness is one of the National Park Service’s number one goals.  Help us and many others provide the digital media side to these organizations and youth which is the manner this generation communicate with.


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