Creative Entity Org

The Amalgamation, an evolution of creativity and art experiment.Our programs include film, interactive and photographic exhibits, multimedia, mobile applications, immersive experiences, fine art, and publishing.


Current Focus

Into Outside, connecting youth the to outdoors through digital media and technology serving the Breaking Barrier’s National Park collaborative

Haleakala, House of The Sun, digital media and technology for Haleakala National Park in Maui

Instruments of the Forest, an immersive multimedia experience, blending culture within new disciplines inspiring connection with nature

Education Projects

Noble Profit, thought leadership and education around clean tech and sustainable business

Get Down To Earth, a multi platform education program with Culver City School District, Audubon, Nature Conservancy, The City of Culver City, with support from Sony Studios=

The Amalgamation, data visualization and conversation around art history subjects offering contextual understanding of events in relation to the evolution of creativity

The Encanto Project, examples and conversations around sustainability, as well as highlights of programs and NGOs in Costa Rica working on the Path of the Tapir, as well as preservation of Central American biodiversity regions

Tech Think Tank, industry suggestions of media and technology solutions for the National Park Service to communicate interpretive subjects

Trauma Survival Guide, trauma healing and support resources

Sister Programming

Incredible Places, nature and culture brand for Creative Entity’s related digital media and technology projects

Made For The Media interpretive tools system and production methodology for story telling through convergent technologies and transmedia.


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